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two girls cooking wear sugar baby Aprons are double the inspiration



Two girls cooking wear Sugar BabyAprons



Two Girls Cooking is a company created by holistic nutritionists, with a lot of love for food and vibrant health. We believe that the human body is a self-healing and self-rejuvenating organism when given the proper tools and environment. We were completely frustrated with the fiber-less, sugar laden, hydrogenated, sodium infused, refined, unhealthy snack choices on the market. And from that frustration and passion Two Girls Cooking "Nutritious and Delicious" snacks were born. You can acquire optimum health through the use of live, enzyme rich foods that detoxify and renew the body and build all of its cells. Our products are developed using these principles to bring you delicious guilt-free treats!

What's the Deal with Our Crisps and Chips?

Two Girls Cooking RAW products are made in Canada with all Organic ingredients. Bringing it back to Canadian soil, our crisps and chips combine root vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, sprouted seeds, gluten-free grains, dried fruits and a variety of flavorful herbs. Dehydrating our products below 115°F, all of the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and deliciousness within vibrant whole foods are preserved. Dehydrating food dates back to biblical times, when it was a food preservation necessity and not a culinary delicacy. With modern methods of preserving foods (refrigeration, freezing, canning, pasteurizing and chemical additives), the ancient practice was almost lost. Thankfully, food dehydration is now making resurgence as one of the most nutritious, safe, and flavor-saving methods of food preservation.

As the seasons change, so do the tastes and textures of organic vegetables. As we do not alter what Mother Nature has provided us with, our all vegetable crisps and chips may alter slightly in flavour.

As well as creating delicious raw food snacks, we also share our knowledge of food and nutrition through interactive cooking demos, as well as nutritional consultations. Please refer to the Nutritional Services page.